I had the opportunity to fly back to my Minneapolis and paint this gigantic picture. I am almost done with the video, so check back soon. Hope you enjoy and spread the word. Thanks. Click on the photos to view the rest of them on my flickr page.


I don't know much about parenting a child at home. Sure, I have read some baby books, but when the rubber hits the road, it's all going to be new to me; but come Thursday, I know I will be getting quite a crash course.

What I do know is that my and Spencer's marriage is foundational to parenting well.

Would you please pray for our marriage? God has been so gracious in truly protecting our marriage through our journey with Isaac. Not that it's a perfect marriage or that we have it all together; but I can truly say that we have a great marriage, and that the Lord has so clearly protected us. As we bring Eliana home, I know that she will require so much of our attention. So please pray for us that God would continue to protect our marriage as He so faithfully has, and that He would give us the grace to bear with one another in love as we navigate this exciting transition; that He would help us to be intentional about our time together as a couple, and as a family; and that He would continue to be the foundation upon which our home is built.


I love Saturdays... a great reprieve from the work week!

Today, would you please specifically be praying for Spencer as he leads our family in this next new and exciting chapter? Please pray for his nerves as we head back to the hospital, for patience with me as I learn how to be a mother to a baby at home, for focus the day of Eliana's birth, for his ability to balance finishing up his grad school work while gearing up for Thursday, and for grace as he balances the joy with the missing.

Doodle Penance: "detached mustache"

This week's "Doodle Penance" comes from some anonymous web-creeper who came by the site looking for "detached mustache," just as the title above implies.

Mike finished his doodle before I got mine done, so I'll let him explain his results:

In a way, this doodle would serve just as well as my inaugural contribution to WHWBR?, since it is based on images from one of the few comics I've had any time for lately. In my typical fashion for reading webcomics, though, I tend to forget to read this one for weeks on end, then binge on a couple of months' worth of archived strips. So far I'm up to January 2005, which means I am well acquainted by now with the usually mustachioed figures of Nice Pete and Lyle from the famous Achewood:

It should be clear from the typography (as it were) how my thought process worked on this one. Surprisingly, the Achewood-specific element came really late in the day: I had notions of just drawing guys screaming in agony as mustaches were torn from their faces, thereby conveying the sense of an "ache"; but this version seems less horrendous, as if the 'staches really did just detach, slipping down from 'neath the noses of Nice Pete and Lyle, and thereby, Samson-like, depriving two of the hardest characters in Achewood with the main source of their strength and danger. At least, they don't look so tough to me now that they are clean-shaven.

So that's Mike for this week. And, perhaps predictably, my own analysis of the search term proceeded along a similar path. Noticing, as Mike did, that both words contained the same string of letters, in the spirit of Lewis Carroll's "Mischmasch" word game, I started searching for the other magpies that contained T-A-C-H-E.

I hadn't known that tache itself, in English, means a buckle or a clasp; nor had I known that in French tache means a blot or a stain. Equipped with those obscurities and one cheat I allowed myself to invent, I cooked up this story in seven silent panels:

It was nice to draw an actual comic for a change. Not that I had time to do it, really. But sometimes you have to make time for fine art.

Robot and Color Reference


Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and for sticking with us in prayer. One thing I did want to mention in regard to my prayer request from yesterday... part of the heartache in moving forward without Isaac here is that we very easily could have him here and be having Eliana. Isaac would have been about ten months old when I found out I was pregnant with Eliana, and so a large part of this aspect of my grief is knowing that they both could be here. So thank you for hearing my heart in that and for praying with us.

Today, would you please pray for the doctors, nurses, and other medical staff that will be caring for us at the hospital? The same two doctors who delivered Isaac will be delivering Eliana. The same two nurses that were tending to our care when Isaac was born, will also be caring for us as Eliana enters the world. All of them have met Isaac and are familiar with his story, and I know that all of him have been impacted by him.

Would you please pray that God would use Eliana's birth as a testament of His goodness and faithfulness in the hearts of all of the hospital staff involved with Eliana's delivery and our care afterwards? Please pray that they would see God's provision for our family... His making of beauty from ashes as He continues to write the next chapter in our family's story... and that they would clearly recognize it as such. Please pray for opportunities for us to share about that with the doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers with whom we come into contact, and that God would continue to use Isaac's life, and this next chapter entitled "Eliana" for His glory.


A few nights ago I was explaining to someone that continuing to move forward after losing a child can sometimes be difficult. In response, this person asked, "Well, what do you feel like it is you're moving away from as you move forward?"

After giving it some thought, it's not so much that I feel as though I am moving away from Isaac... it's the fact that he's not here to move forward with us. I wish so much he could be here to also welcome his baby sister.

So with that, today would you please pray for both my and Spencer's hearts as we approach March 4th... balancing such great joy and anticipation in getting ready to meet Eliana, with the reality that we are coming to yet another milestone that we aren't able to share with our son, but deeply wish that we could. Please pray that God would allow us the space and the grace to manage these emotions, to bear with one another in love as we do, and that He would just be especially near to us in the missing.


I am not sure it has really hit me that in wrapped up in the process of delivering Eliana is the fact that I will be undergoing a major surgery again. So today, could you please pray for the physical aspects of having another c-section? For my nerves about the surgery (did I tell you I have a seriously hard time with needles??), for my body to handle it well, for there not to be any sort of complications for me or for Eliana. History would tell me that physically, I will do just fine; but I am starting to sense my nervousness about this and know that God alone is the one who can calm those fears.
Thanks for joining us in praying through our countdown... we treasure your prayers immensely.

Doodle Penance: "compound words classroom display"

Okay, this is actually last week's "Doodle Penance." I got behind during my recuperation,and I'm in a hurry now, so I am sort of dashing off the doodles. Still, I feel penitential.

So: someone was directed to the site during a search for "compound words classroom display." I've designed a three-part display to demonstrate the properties of compound words: how they are made, and how their meaning works.







Mike's take on this is a little different. He says,

Taking "classroom" and "display" as a PAIR of compound words, where "display" should be analyzed as "Dis play," I realized that the likeliest choice of a schoolroom production of a "Dis play," or drama set in Hades, would be Jean-Paul Sartre's Huis Clos (No Exit). So here's my image of an awkward in-class performance of said play in a high-school philosophy classroom, featuring a somewhat unlikely troupe of actors.

Click to enlarge it, folks. Them's the doodles.


Today I would like to ask for you to pray specifically for Eliana's physical development... that her lungs would be fully developed at the time of delivery, and that everything would continue to be functioning well as each of our ultrasounds up to this point have indicated. Please pray that she continues to develop as a healthy baby, and that God would protect her during these last 9 days that she's still in the womb.

Die in Varanasi, teaser

This is beyond low budget productions.
Recorded with the canon HV30, a 5$ tripod,
and the audio with my ipod and a Germin gadget.
the little I know about Varanasi.


I feel like now an "official" countdown can begin.

10 days until Eliana's birthday.

In the spirit of a New Year's Eve type of countdown, each day between now and March 4th I plan on posting a specific way (in addition to praying daily for God's protection of Eliana, along with her safety and health) that you can be praying for our family. More than anything, we really treasure your prayers as we prepare to welcome our daughter!

So today, on day 10... please be praying for restful sleep.

Lately, I have been having difficulty sleeping. Whether it's needing to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night or my nerves that are keeping me up, I just haven't been feeling well rested in the morning. Spencer also has a lot on his plate with regard to grad school work between now and March 4th, and has a lot in the way of late nights and early mornings ahead of him this week with paper writing.

Please be praying that the sleep each of us gets at night would be solid, restful sleep so that we can go into March 4th feeling recouped, energized, and just feeling good physically.

Thank you for praying...

Robot Shapes..and progress

Heading South

Well...yes...I am ready. Ready to leave the Northeastern United States for five weeks. Florida is on my mind and thankfully the sunshine state appears to be warming up after an unusually cold winter. On my sidebar I have the current temperature for Ballston Lake and for North Central Florida where we will be staying. Today our high was in the 30's and there it reached the 70's. Here we are about to enter our 5th month of winter but in Florida, spring is just around the corner.
Much to do before departing. You know the list. This and that. I have the route all mapped out. A stay with friends in the Philadelphia area, then on to Florence, SC, and then a couple days with Poker Bluegill and his lovely wife in Homossassa where we will say hello to the manatees and Lu the Hippo. Then, finally, to our rental in Old Town, FL. This will be a new rental and a new area for us after three wonderful winter trips to the Ocala area. We will be out in the country surrounded by many state and county parks. They call the area Old Florida to differentiate from the Disneyfied and Condoized parts of Florida.
High on the priority list of tasks to complete is getting the Nissan ready for the trip. All was well, then Friday I stopped to get gas. As I squeezed the pump handle, gas ran out of the tank and down the side of the car. Nursing the pump, squeezing tentatively, I managed to get 3 gallons into the tank. Saturday I had the same experience. Tommorrow morning when the service department opens at the dealer, I will be there waiting. Hopefully they will be able to fix it quickly so that we can leave on schedule.
Tonight I have begun packing. Folding the warm weather clothes and placing them in the suitcase creates one of the best feelings a resident of the Notheast can have in February. For my few faithful readers, I will be blogging along as we travel. 'till then.

What Have We Been Reading? #2

Here's a swiped panel from one of the things that helped me pass the time this week while I was recovering from the extraction of my wisdom teeth.

So, what do you think, fair blog-readers? Can you identify the text I'm quoting?

(If not, don't fret: I'll have a longer review and consideration up on the blog in a few days eventually.)

"THE HUNGRY MAN" -- new story

Second and probably last of my experiments with disturbing children's stories. Enjoy!

What it was like for Isaac, having his eye gouged out

For the past four or five months, something has been growing inside my eye.

I am part Frenchie, so I have those good ol' dark circles under my eyes, which are always a little bit puffy, but one day I noticed my right eyelid was a little bit puffier than the left.
I thought this was odd, but didn't have the time or money to deal with it, so I ignored it. Gradually my right eyelid got puffier and puffier until eventually it was really really puffy. Also it itched and hurt and scared me a lot. So yesterday I finally went to an eye doctor to find out what sort of alien creature was incubating inside my eyeball.

Figuring I would just be doing a checkup consultation, I decided to go to the clinic on foot. The doctor checked out the situation and told me I had a "chalazion", which is a sort of cyst that forms around a blocked tear gland. It's pronounced "chill-LAZ-in'" which is like "chillaxin'" but weirder and more painful.

The doctor surprised me by offering to cut me open right then and there. He said the procedure would be quick and simple and mostly painless. Mostly being the key word here, as I soon found out.

The doctor put me in this big scary metal chair with stirrups for my feet, and leaned me back. He put a paper shroud over my face, which was creepy. Then he cut out a square around my right eye, which was creepier. He poured something that felt like vodka in my eye, which was supposed to numb the eyeball by getting it drunk. Then he rubbed some stuff that felt like whiskey on my eyelids, which was supposed to numb them by getting them drunk. Then he stuck a needle into my eyelids, which was supposed to numb them more. This hurt a lot. But not as much as when he jammed some sort of metal clamp into my eye socket and pried my eyelids open, Clockwork Orange style. This was fucking excruciating. But not as fucking excruciating as when he sliced open my lower eyelid and started scraping out the cyst with some sort of tiny sharp garden hoe.

You know at the dentist, when they put that little mirror in your mouth and then stab and scrape and poke at your teeth with that little metal icepick to clean out the plaque? This was just like that, but inside my eye.

So needless to say, this was quite a bit more horror than I was expecting from this appointment. If I'd have known I'd be reenacting a "Saw" movie that evening, I probably would have driven to the clinic instead of walking, because it was a little bit awkward stumbling through the heart of Seattle with my eyes cloudy white from antibiotic gel and crying big tears of blood like some kind of demon hellspawn from hell.

I feel much better now, though.


A Spirit of Generosity

Spencer and I have been the fortunate recipients of two local photographers' extreme generosity. This first, Bill Millios, did our maternity pictures when I was pregnant with Isaac, came to the hospital and beautifully photographed our time with him on his birthday, and put together a beautiful slide show for us to use at Isaac's memorial service. Bill is incredibly talented, extremely generous, and the photographs we have of us with Isaac are something whose value cannot be measured.

The second, Crissie Traugott, contacted me last summer and offered to cover the first annual Isaac Timothy Delisle Memorial Golf Tournament. She did a beautiful job documenting the day! She also graciously offered to do some maternity pictures to capture my pregnancy with Eliana, as well as newborn pictures once Ellie arrives. Just wanted to share a few photos from our time this past Sunday in downtown Frederick. It was freezing, but a lot of fun.

Bill and Crissie, thank you both for your spirit of generosity and the priceless gifts you have given to Spencer and I. We are incredibly grateful.

Digital Kitchen Census Commercial

Hey everybody! finally i am able to show you the piece i worked so hard on with digital kitchen in 2009. It came out great! Special thanks to bryce wymer, and danielle amaral at digital kitchen, they are amazing. Check it out

Census "Living Mural" DK from Bryce Wymer on Vimeo.

Census "Living Mural" Case Study DK from Bryce Wymer on Vimeo.

Mural work and sketching...

Mural work and sketching...

So as some of you may know, i do some mural work in addition to illustration. I did a 24 hour mural job in new jersey today. taking the bus there yesterday and prepping and working for about 10 hours straight until it was finished today, then back on the train to baltimore. The result came out very nice..unfortunately on my way home i missed my train, leaving me stranded in newark penn station for a little while. I frequent train stations to draw quite regularly, however as i went to take a seat i was shocked by the stench in the air. as i looked around i realized none of the passengers in the main entrance to the station were actually passengers. They were all either homeless, or severely intoxicated. I quickly turned on my heel to find safer waters, but this police man and his smaller policeman buddy were keeping an eye on all the occupants in the room. as much as i wanted to leave, i could not pass up drawing this officer. Every once in awhile you see someone who makes you go " aghh i HAVE to draw them" and so it was. he wasn't eating a candy bar, but i figured it probably happened at some point so i threw it on in there. luckily i finished up before he started arresting a guy who tried to fight a news cameraman because the news guys wouldnt interview him. And i wasn't even in baltimore. everything else is sketching from the train and bus...and the mural of course

What We Have Been Reading #1: Kirby's Eternals

A few days ago, I posted an odd mostly-magenta panel that Mike quickly pegged as a Kirby swipe. Now it's time to tip my hand and reveal what I have been reading this week.

I'm actually still making my way slowly through this, but it's a collection of the first eleven issues of Kirby's mid-'70s von-Däniken-influenced post-Fourth-World return-to-Marvel Eternals.

Who are the Eternals? Well, you see, in the time before human history, a cadre of titanic aliens (the Celestials) visited Earth and, from a single common ancestor, derived three races. The humans, you're already familiar with. The Deviants, whose genes are so unstable that every one of them is grotesquely different, have lived on the bottom of the ocean for centuries, since the destruction of Lemuria. And the Eternals are a bunch of undying and beautiful humanoids who meditate on the top of mountains, perfecting their superhuman mental gifts.

It's kind of high-concept.

When the series begins, the only human record of the Eternals, the Deviants, or the Celestials is in our ancient mythology. And then, just as a human archaeologist discovers an Inca ruin that depicts their presence, the Celestials return. The archaeologist's guide and assistant, Ike Harris, reveals himself to be in fact the Eternal master of flight, Ikaris, and suddenly massive wheels are in motion. The Celestials will observe the planet for fifty years, then judge it.

To Kirby's credit, the Eternals that we meet really do have the personalities of immortal semi-gods. They're either prone to pranks and hijinks, bored with their interminable lives, or pompous and portentous in their over-seriousness. (Ikaris tends toward the latter disposition, but Sersi, Makkari, and Sprite are all rascals.) And not even the most sober of them is incapable of irony.

Please click to enlarge and read that dialogue. The "raiment" that Ikaris has assumed is really anything but simple: it's a phantasmagoria of Kirbyesque design, and it's hard to imagine drawing this a hundred times...

Ikaris isn't the only sartorially complex Eternal. Consider the haberdasher who cooked this up:

Once the Deviants find out that the Celestials have arrived, they decide they need to provoke humanity to attack the space gods. (The Deviants fought the Celestials before, and that's why they live under the ocean now.)

So a bunch of Deviants dress up like "Space Devils"—I told you this was high-concept—and attack Manhattan.

There's Kro, the Deviants' general, dressed up as Space Satan. He's the guy I was drawing in my teaser panel.

It turns out that humanity is pretty easy to convince, on this score...

...and this is something I'd like to return to in a moment.

Eternals is fun because it gives Kirby room to imagine a new mythology, and because it gives him a chance to draw some incredibly crazy things. The Celestials are mountainous in size, and one of them (Arishem) carries the formula for world decimation on his brobdignagian thumb:

Yes, click to enlarge there. Arishem wouldn't fit on my scanner.

It seems pretty clear from the first five issues that Eternals doesn't happen in the regular Marvel universe. The story wouldn't make any sense there. Humanity is totally unaware of beings with superhuman powers living among them. The Eternals, not the various pantheons of gods, are the source of mankind's myths. Margo Damian panics when Ikaris, dressed in his bold-colored togs, jumps out of her plane and flies. When weird-looking guys in spacesuits start burning up New York, everyone assumes that it's the Devil, not the Skrulls. This can't be the world where The Fantastic Four fended off Galactus.

And yet, in the sixth issue, a skeptic named Arnold Radisch becomes the victim of an odd prank...

... and on the very next page, three well-equipped field agents are identified as "Nick Fury's men." From this point forward, the Eternals are in the same continuity as the Inhumans, Starfox can join the Avengers, Kro's kids can hobnob with Iron Fist, and Ajak can shoot pool with Beta Ray Bill or something.

I'd like to know what brought the Eternals into the Marvel universe. I wonder whether this was Kirby's decision, or something that came from Archie Goodwin, the book's editor. Anyone out there know more about this?

3 weeks

Still here in the frozen tundra of the mid-Atlantic under a fresh new blanket of snow. I couldn't even begin to tell you how many inches it is with the (not so) old snow underneath and all of the drifting that has occured. What I do know is that I am pretty sure the 10-foot piles of snow all over the place will most likely be here when we, Lord willing, bring Eliana home in a few weeks.

So today marks my 34th week of pregnancy, and 3 weeks until Eliana's birthday. As March 4th has started to draw near, Spencer and I have spent a lot of time talking about our anticipation of what that day will be like... the joy, the sorrow, the excitement, the fear.

This morning I was catching up on some blogs that I follow, and read a post that Molly Piper wrote during her pregnancy with her third child, Morrow. Morrow was conceived just a few months after Molly and Abraham's second child, Felicity, was born still. Though she just recently published this post, the authenticity with which Molly why she didn't blog about her pregnancy with Morrow really hit me, as she articulately explains the complex array of emotions that a mother feels after losing a child, being pregnant again, and ultimately giving birth to another baby. Rather than repeat what she has said, you can click here to read.