In Sao Paulo, preparing a docu for NOVA

Glad to be part of NOVA.
Here the line up for this one and a half month multimedia event
hold at the MIS Sao Paulo.

®NOVA Contemporary Culture
July 1st to August 15th,
2010 MIS Museu da Imagem e do Som Avenida Europa,
158, Jardim Europa
01449-000 São Paulo,
SP Brasil.


Just a quick study of the view from my desk in my apartment.

Buying a goddamn book online

I'd like to relate to you some thoughts and emotions I experienced today involving my purchase of a book and its subsequent shipping via UPS.

A week or two ago, on a whim, I decided to buy a lighthearted book of humor, in case I needed the occasional chuckle here and there. It was the kind of purchase that just barely crosses the I want this item but I don't want it bad enough to fish my wallet out and type in the credit card number threshold.


But cross that threshold it did, the order was processed, and I promptly forgot about it. Then today I received a card in the mail from UPS, saying they had tried to deliver a package to me but I wasn't home to sign for it. So I'd have to come to their shipping center to pick it up.

First let's take a brief digression to to talk about how absurd it is for UPS, FEDEX, and the good old US American Postal Service of America, to require signatures for packages. How are they expecting this to work? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the average American goes to work during the day on weekdays. And coincidentally, during the day on weekdays is exactly the timeframe in which these mail services deliver their packages. So what exactly is the plan here? Is everyone supposed to take a few days off work around the time they're expecting the package and just hang out by the door, waiting, naked? Or are we still operating on 1950s rules, where we assume I have a cute and cheerful wife in a skirt and apron waiting at home for packages while cooking me a meatloaf and polishing the sex-swing for when I get home? (Despite common assumptions to the contrary, 1950s housewives did crazy sex stuff, probably.)

So since I neither took a day off nor got married to a 1950s housewife yesterday, I missed the delivery, and I now basically have to do a day's work as a UPS driver just to retrieve this stupid little book I bought on a whim, or they will ship it back to the seller in 3 days.

And as you all know, picking up a package is not a simple matter of walking down to the corner and dipping into the nearest UPS branch. You have to go to their actual shipping warehouse deep in the industrial district, navigating traffic jams of delivery trucks and 18-wheelers in lovely, welcoming areas like this:

So basically, my decision to buy this dumb little humor book has created this gigantic work task that I have to do in the middle of my day, in the sweaty heat, in rush-hour traffic. Which is why I've decided to never buy, sell, or do anything ever again.



Have you ever wondered why our landfills are filling up and our resources are dwindling and leading experts are probably estimating that the world will be completely depleted of trees and hydrogen by the year 2018? Well, here's the answer:

Everything you see in this picture except the desk, the window, the windowpane, and the shrubbery outside, was used to ship this book.

How big is this little 207 page humor book?

THAT BIG! And it's not like I have super giant sized hands or anything. It's a small fucking book. It's too bad Random House doesn't publish microwaves too, because I could have fit one of those into the same box and saved a lot on shipping! Jesus Herbert Christ.



Art Jumble: Ginger

I was recently invited to join a blog called art jumble. It is a weekly drawing challenge, this weeks topic was Ginger from Gilligans island, so here is my submission. On another note... don't forget only 2 days left in my artwork raffle!! Be sure to follow my blog on blogger in order to be entered into the competition, July 1st I will pick 5 names at random to receive free prints of my work.

Arts Festival Keeping Me Busy

I am still a full time potter, and I am still making my living by making pots. This weekend I am at the Utah Arts Festival, selling both my books and my pots. It has been fun to have so many folks come in to my booth who have read my books.

After finishing the writing of book three, I have done nothing but make pots for the past few weeks to get ready for this show. I have been getting up early and working until midnight or later every night to get ready, but it paid off. I have lots of wonderful pots to fill my booth. I am excited to get back to writing though. I should have my manuscript back from my editor on Monday so I will go through that next week and I plan to begin layout the following week. I think things will take off quickly after that. I am really excited about the third book. The stories from this one have resounded in my mind over and over again over the last few weeks and I am excited to share them with all of you.

I am looking for an agent. If any of you have any suggestions, I am all ears.

I am suggesting to all my readers that you will get the most out of this third book if you re-read the first and second ones before jumping into the final book. There are lots of details that will make this more meaningful if you do.

I've got to go get ready for the day. I'll write more later. Cheers

Sloppy Joe's

When i was in highschool there were these two trucks that would park outside and sell junk food to the kids on their lunch breaks. unfortunately they were disgusting, but kids loved them. i would always get candy from the candy truck but the truck that sold burgers and whatnot i wouldnt go near. gross. this is inspired by that truck

Gouache paintings

Im starting to do some hand painted work, in interest of making these pieces available to hang in galleries etc, something about prints just isn't as nice as a little original painting. so heres three 4.5" by 6.5" gouache paintings. All are available email for info.

Things That Are Gross When You're Wearing In-Ear Headphones

1. Eating. (musha musha squisha squisha)

2. Drinking (gurgle glug glurt splurt)

3. Breathing heavily, like when jogging for instance (guhhhh HEEEE guhhhhh HEEEE )

4. Yogurt left in the fridge for too many months. (the in-ear headphones don't make it grosser, it's just gross.)

Baltimore T shirt Design

Been really busy lately, traveling to chicago and working with MORE collective on some Baltimore T shirt Designs, Here is my latest design! Hope you like it, it focuses on the surveillance cameras that the BPD has all over the city to monitor high crime areas. Something you'd have to live in baltimore to really know about. Trying to make t shirts that are not touristy has been quite a fun challenge. The online store has just been launched at but you can also email me at for purchase information.

On another note: only a week left in my giveaway! Don't forget to follow the blog if you want to be entered in the raffle on JULY 1st for free prints of my artwork!

Fish Fun

This is a real fish.
It is called a Blobfish.


This is a model of a real prehistoric shark. It has a Skil-Saw for a mouth.


This is a real fish. It is called a Bat Fish. Instead of swimming, it walks along the ocean floor on its leg-like fins. It wears bright red hooker lipstick all the time.



I apologize for the silence on my blog for the past few weeks. You may have noticed that those weeks coincided with returning to work, and truthfully, I was just exhausted.... and wanted to spend the time I was awake with my sweet little Ellie.

So to catch you up on the last few weeks...

Returning to work was difficult, and I think more so for me than for Eliana. Thankfully, my mom and a couple of our friends helped us out and took care of her. It was great having my mom here to watch her where Ellie could stay at home in her regular routine and be with her Mom-Mom. It was also good for her to be at a few of my friends' houses and interacting with different people and other children. It gave me a chance to think through some logistics of when I return to work full time in the fall, as well as the opportunity to figure out a routine that would work for Ellie's pattern... which of course will probably be completely different come late August!

Eliana is doing great. I can't believe that she will already be 4 months on July 4th! She has such a sweet personality, smiles all the time, and is babbling up a storm! She loves her Bumbo seat, and is actually enjoying tummy time these days. She has figured out that when she pushes the bird or the monkey on her bouncy seat that music plays and the waterfall lights up. It's been really neat to watch her figure out that cause and effect relationship and to intentionally start hitting the animals. She's been reaching and grasping a lot more as well, has become more intentional with her hands. She stares at her hands a lot, too, which is pretty funny. And even though she's petite (maybe 10 1/2 lbs?) and just got into her 0-3 month clothes, she loves to stand up and put weight in her legs. Her hair is still crazy as every, and her eyes still a beautiful deep blue. While she hasn't yet cut any teeth, she is definitely teething... and drooling like a champ!! I just love her to pieces.

Plans for Isaac's Golf Tournament are underway, and we are so excited. Part of our excitement is that last week we received notice from the IRS that the Isaac Delisle Foundation was granted 501(c)3 status. We are thankful for this, and are eager to see what God will do both in and through the foundation...and are grateful to honor both the Lord and our sweet Isaac through this ministry.

I have much more that I would like to share, but for now wanted to post a brief update, and of course, a few pictures...

Ellie with Grandpa (Spencer's dad) when he and Betsy came to visit

Snoozing in her swing

I think her facial expression is so funny! She wasn't even upset here, just not in the mood to smile I guess. I love how blue her eyes are...

Crazy hair!

Dancing with Daddy!

Watercolor study

A few of you expressed some interest in seeing more warm up sketches which i do to keep a variety of work in the old bag o' tricks. heres a quick watercolor i did at dusk, unfortunately i was being eaten alive by mosquitos, didnt get to finish it as much as id like. but stay tuned for some more like this.

Sweet Tooth

Any of you guys read
this? It's pretty good :) It's by Jeff Lemire.

I did a little study/ redo/ complete copy of the cover of the first issue.


Kokonino Street View

I've been thinking about the landscape in George Herriman's Krazy Kat for the past few days. In particular, I've been thinking about the effects generated by the protean backgrounds—the mesas that turn into weird-looking trees, the melon-rind moon that appears and disappears, and so forth. Kokonino County is famously unstable, and Herriman's background doodles are one of my favorite things about the strip. (Also among my favorite things: the characters, the writing, and the concept. There is nothing about Krazy Kat that I do not love, except for its finitude.)

I have also been thinking that although Kokonino does not present a stable mien, it does have features: places that the characters (who never comment on the shifting scenery) recognize and can easily find. There's the Old Smoke Tree, for example, or the Enchanted Mesa of Joe Stork. And there's the Elephant's Legs.

That's an image from 8 July 1923. Krazy is walking on stilts amid the waters of Red Lake, and the Elephant's Legs are there on the shore.

Here they are again, one week earlier, by the side of the selfsame lake.

They don't exist only in 1923, mind you. Here's a funny bit of business from 3 October 1926, in which they wind up pinning Krazy's "[caudal] appendage":

Don't worry. She (or he) gets loose when Ignatz squeaks nearby and the legs jump up in fear. And here they are, meandering with clouds in the shape of an elephant's rump and haunches above them, in the throwaway central panel from 20 September 1925:

Maybe that's how all of the Kokonino landscape features get around.

I had always assumed that the Elephant's Legs were a flight of Herriman's fancy, but it turns out that, like the Mittens (which also appear repeatedly in Krazy's backgrounds), they're a real geological feature in our real Arizona, near Tonalea, in the northern part of the state, on the Navajo Trail. (The actual formation is called The Elephant's Feet, and there's a rest stop nearby that Google Maps will hit. Pull back far enough on that map, and you'll see the names of Shonto, Kaibab, Kayenta, and Kaibito, all of which also feature in Krazy Kat regularly.)

In fact, you can see the Elephant's Feet with Google Street View:

Go have a look.

Batman Sketches

Some Sketches

Just a bunch of recent sketches.


Free adaptation of the best car racing ever, Bullit.
music from Ritornano Quelli Di calibro 35


Created for La Fabrica, Madrid.
Presentation of the Ojodepez meeting BCN, july 15,16,17

Illustration Friday Slither

I tried to think of something different than something that has to do with a snake for the word slither. Slither made me think of some super slinky gang member. Slither would make a sweet nickname.

If you are visiting from Illustration friday website, be sure to check out the rest of my blog and the blogger appreciation raffle!

Blogger Appreciation Raffle!!

Hey everybody! Today I Reached 50 followers, thank all of you so very much for showing interest in my work, so in return for all of your interest, i'm going to hold a little give-away. I will be giving away 2 full size prints of my artwork. All you have to do is follow my blog, if you are already a follower just make sure you keep an eye out for the results, and make sure there is an email address posted on your blog so i can contact you if your name gets picked out of the hat! I know theres some of you out there that frequent the blog but do not follow, in order to be eligible for the raffle, you must be a follower! It takes 5 seconds to click the link, you can do it! The winners will be announced the 1st of July..and if somehow we reach 100 followers by then, I will change it to 5 prints in the giveaway! Stay tuned for updates, if things go well maybe ill throw some more stuff in there..

In other news..

I was featured today on the MORE collective website, this is a cool site showcasing artists from the baltimore area, feel free to check out their site here...

I designed a Baltimore themed t shirt for them, contact me at if you are interested in purchasing one.