Halloween Rerun

Since I'm too busy/lazy/uninspired/tired/stressed/arthritic to write a new post about Halloween, here's a rerun of last year's Halloween special for your spooky amusement.

Factual Facts About Halloween

A good costume idea

Halloween is that special time of year when parents dress their children as classic representations of evil and send them out to demand sugary taxes from their neighbors on threat of violence. But what a lot of kids don’t realize is that there is more to Halloween than just eating so much candy that you throw up and lie huddled in bed all night twitching and cursing God. Halloween is also an important cultural holiday for zombies, vampires, Spidermans, and other manifestations of our collective consciousness’ darkest dreams.

Although witches and demons have been part of our culture for centuries, and skeletons have been around since the early Paleozoic Era, Halloween is a relatively modern invention. After observing the successful creation of the African-American holiday Kwanzaa in 1966, an unnamed zombie proposed a similar celebration for his own people as a way to promote species awareness and acceptance, and also to make hunting easier by flooding the streets with costumed decoys. No one expected the holiday to catch on outside the undead community, but the ‘60s were a time of profound social upheaval, and since the youth culture had already begun to embrace monsters—who possessed an undeniable charisma and sinister cool that humans couldn’t help but envy and want to imitate—Halloween quickly exploded into one of the world’s most popular holidays.

Another good costume idea
Halloween is celebrated in all English-speaking countries and most Pashtu-speaking tribal lands, but the traditions associated with it vary from place to place. In my own city,Seattle, Halloween looks very different than it does in, say,London. The basic spirit is the same; our kids still go Trick-or-Treating and dress up as aborted goat fetuses and schizophrenic hallucinations, but because of Seattle’s frequent, heavy rainfall, we must make some adjustments. Since October is our wet season, the streets are usually not navigable by land, so on the morning of the 31st every family has a “Creepy Craft Party” where we help the kids build canoes out of paper and popsicle sticks. We then load the little rascals into their boats and set them adrift in the floodwaters, where the violent currents whip them through the streets until they eventually run aground on a random neighbor’s porch. From there, the Trick-or-Treating resumes more or less traditionally. The neighbors take the waterlogged tykes inside, dry them off, and perform any necessary CPR. The eager kids are then treated to an extravagant feast of generic bulk candy and put to bed in the garage if the neighbors have one, or under the sink if they don’t. The next morning, the neighbors look up their little guests’ barcode tattoos on www.kidcode.gov, find the parents’ addresses, and return the children home only slightly worse for wear. That is, of course, if they weren’t drowned or eaten by river vampires the night before.
A good couple's costume

All this may sound like an anxious night for the kids’ parents, but playing the odds—even with such morbidly high stakes!—is just part of the Halloween experience in Seattle. With over eight hundred casinos—more per square mile than libraries, schools, and coffee shops combined!—Seattle is known around the world as a gambling city, and the question of whether or not the children will make it home from Trick-or-Treating is the subject of much extravagant wagering. In 2009, an estimated forty million dollars changed hands via Halloween betting. Traditionally, parents will always bet against their own kid, so that if he or she does end up being eaten by river vampires, the parents will at least have their winnings as consolation.

Losing a child is always a hard thing, but the thrill of the risk—along with the fun of friendly competition between neighbors—is what that keeps Halloween interesting for Seattle’s adults, most of whom can no longer enjoy candy due to suppurating stomach ulcers. Some may call our holiday traditions inappropriate or even irresponsible, but after all, it’s Halloween. If you want warmth, good times, and your children to be alive, you can go celebrate Christmas.

comica poster 2011

This is the poster I worked on for this years Comica Festival in association with Nobrow. THE Luke Pearson did the original layout and I did the rest :)

I couldn't have done it without the help of my pals Kelly Walton (made me loads of cups of tea), Laura Weeks (let me borrow the hell out of her mac book) and of course the constant encouragement of the Nobrow eye bird (all hail eye bird)

Alphabeasts: C is for Clacking Spider

This week's "Alphabeasts" drawing comes from the world of Lewis Trondheim & Joann Sfar's Dungeon, one of my favorite comics.

I find the fun, on-the-fly feeling of Dungeon really inspiring, and I wish I had the time and the talent to come up with a similarly rich fantasy world on my own. We've made a few different tributes to Lewis Trondheim on the blog here over the years—here's one, here's another, and here's a third, from the oubapian pages of Elm City Jams #3—and I'm sure this won't be our last.

If it weren't for the complicated rules I set for myself in this project, I might have done a bermaw for last week's letter instead of a babel fish. Instead, I found myself scouring the various volumes of Dungeon for a different creature that was definitely not sentient. (Most of the creatures in Dungeon seem to be persons, or else they aren't named.)

But Marvin the Dragon gets menaced by clacking spiders partway through the second (U.S.) volume of Dungeon: Zenith. If you've never read any of these fun books, though, the place to start is with Duck Heart, Zenith's first volume.

(The chronology of the books is complicated.)

It's right after this moment that Marvin delivers the first "TONG DEUM" fiery-acid dragon-breath spew of the series. Dang, I love Dungeon.

Now, will you help me decide what to draw next week? I know which universe to use, but I have two options, equally fun to draw, within that universe. What do you think? (Voting will be open until next Friday.)

What beast should I draw for the letter D?

baby girl is getting excited for her first Halloween

ooooh, nothing like a little one's first Halloween!
She is very excited to get dressed up, watch for future blog post to see
what Rea Rea will have dressed up as!

We made carmeled apples with The Taylors, the newly weds and Dave and Mary.
Isaac laughed until he cried which is probably only the second time,
that I can remember, him doing that! Dave made a funny that Mary didn't appreciate but got Isaac right in the KISSER! It was very fun then we all played a game of smarts until midnight. Doesn't get much better than that!

Being a "Stay at Home Mom" is my new favorite thing.

The Doman 4! All born within a month or two of another one. We took as many pictures as we could get and the one of the left is the
best one that I got. And the one on the right I had to get in closer because I thought it was just the cutest thing how those two ended up. The Cadenator and Reggy Roo!
Gotta love my Domans! We all talked about having a joint baptism in eight years for them all! That would be so neat!

Something to look forward to....  a SHIN DING at the Porters, we invited Jaquel and Tyler + the rest of the Johnson crew
and our dear friends The Fullmers! It's going to be a Halloween to remember!

How We Pick our Childrens' Birthdays

A good friend recently asked me if it was a lot of pressure to choose your kids' birthdays.

The answer: YES.

Not in a stressful way, but in the sense that when they're older and they understand that Spencer and I actually got to choose their birthdays, I want there to be something meaningful, or a good story behind it.

When I was pregnant with Isaac, we decided on his birthday, October 7 by looking up all kinds of 10:7 verses in the Bible. None seemed to fit; but we came across Psalm 107 and in particular, loved verses 19-21...

"Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. He sent out his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave. Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for man."

You see, we knew that apart from God's intervention, we knew the likely scenario. We knew that we'd be faced with the unthinkable task and heartache of burying our son. And in the midst of that, we clung to the hope found in these words... the fact that by His great grace... the grave would not be the end. We are still so grateful for that hope.

When I became pregnant with Eliana and knew that I would need a repeat c-section, we decided to continue the tradition of choosing our kids' birthdays based on verses in scripture. Her birthday, March 4, was picked based on 1 Peter 3:4...

"Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight..."

While I am not sure that I would currently characterize Eliana's spirit as quiet, she does have a gentleness about her that is simply precious. She comforts her baby dolls, is very tuned in to peoples' feelings, and even loves to give her little brother (aka, my stomach) kisses. It is so sweet.

Earlier this week I had a doctor's appointment, and tentatively scheduled my c-section with Jacob. (Did I even share his name with you all yet?!). We are hoping for a delivery date of December 28. There were a lot of 12:28 verses that jumped out to me, but our favorite is Hebrews 12:28...

"Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe..."

There is so much truth wrapped up in that verse, and it is our desire that Jacob cling to all of the truth and the hope that is found in these words.

So there it is... how we deal with the pressure of selecting our kids' birthdays. I hope that as they grow up, Eliana and Jacob would cherish the intentionality with which their birthdays were chosen and view them as incredibly special!

New Story - "PIXEL"

This story owes its origin to a whimsical tweet by Analeigh Tipton, who has whimsy to spare so I didn't mind stealing some.

Warm Bodies fan art

Fan art has been trickling toward me over the last couple years. I find it adorable and wanted to share a couple with you. Some are amazing, some are amusing. You decide.

R has kind of a Connor Oberst thing going on here.

Never thought I'd see R become an anime hero. Zombie fist ultimate strike! Kiyaaaa!

I like this because Julie looks like Gadget from Rescue Rangers, who was my first cartoon crush.

My sometimes collaborator Sarah Musi made this one.
An overtalented artist who continues to slum it with me in zombie town.

Alphabeasts: B is for Babel Fish

This week's entry in "Alphabeasts" is a phenomenally useful creature, to the point that it's a veritable icon for the improbable, implausible, and effective removal of certain sorts of barriers. Nothing solves the problem of interspecies linguistic communication quite like the babel fish.

That said, I don't think there's any canonical visual representation of the little critter. The recent Hitchhiker's movie has a lot going for it (Messrs. Rockwell, Fry, and Def, at the very least), but if you watch this clip, I think you'll agree with me that the babel fish in the movie would never fit in a human ear canal. The old TV show Hitchhiker's has a diagram that says the creature is leechlike but just looks like a kissing gourami.

So I had a little license to come up with one of my own.

In the process, I learned that one may not want to do an image search for leeches, and I located a couple of interesting noncanonical images of the fish. In my version, I have included little flipper-limbs in tribute to the recent movie, and a few hooks that the babel fish (which gets its nourishment from its host's thoughtwaves) could use to keep itself in place once installed.

Why would a creature that lives inside its host have great big eyes? In my version, they're just eyespot markings on the babel fish's ventral surface. I figure that it's to the babel fish's advantage to look cuter than a leech, since it needs its hosts to be willing to put a little yellow slimy thing into their ears.

Next week: since I've already done ear insertion, we'll skip the Ceti eel in favor of a visit to my favorite comics fantasy universe.

Dog Person

I met this girl, she told me she was a dog person. I was like, "That's awesome! I love dogs!" But when I took her to a government laboratory, they found no canine DNA in her at all. Women are liars.

Sonnets on Student Radio (for a Limited Time)

Yesterday my friend Liz and I were on the radio to talk about and read a few sonnets that she and I have been writing, mostly as a game for each other, over the past couple of years.

I think the conversation was pretty entertaining, and I think the sonnets have turned out well. If you'd like to hear the program, I'm pretty sure you can stream it until next Wednesday morning (Oct. 26), when it'll be replaced by the new week's program.

Follow this link, then follow these instructions:

Click on the "stream" button next to the "Proximate Blues / Writers@WRUV" segment of the Wednesday schedule. Once the stream starts running, our interview is about one hour and five minutes (1:05) into the program. It lasts about 45 minutes.

Let me know what you think, if you get a chance to listen to it.

Alphabeasts: A is for Anurid

It's time for the next alphabet! As promised, this 26-week project—"Alphabeasts"—will feature imaginary animals, not actual ones like the last alphabet. With that in mind, I have drawn an anurid for the letter A.

You don't need to feel bad for not having heard of the anurid. In fact, I'd never heard of them until I started doing my research and planning the complex logic problem that will be my Alphabeasts alphabet. Let me explain.

No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

1. Each Monday, a new imaginary beast for a new letter of the alphabet. "Beast" means it's a creature, not a person: so "Kryptonian Thought-Beast" is okay, but "Klingon" isn't. As a rule of thumb, if you'd feel wrong putting it in a good zoo or menagerie, then it's probably not a beast.

2. The beasts are not made up by the person drawing them. That's not the sort of project this is.

Those are the guidelines for the project as a whole, as Ben Towle and I and a few others worked out when the Animal Alphabet ended. But, because I like making things more complicated, I have given myself a couple of other rules:

3. No mythological, folkloric, or cryptid creatures: everything needs to have been made up by some traceable person and to exist in some particular fictional universe.

4. No more than one creature from any one source universe. So if I use "Bantha" I can't also use "Wampa."

So, over the next twenty-five weeks, expect me to draw on twenty-five further discrete fictional universes for an alphabet of strange and sometimes obscure totally fictional critters.

The anurid comes from the card game Magic: the Gathering. I don't know much about these creatures, as they entered the game well after I stopped playing it in 1994. They don't seem like amazing game-changing cards, but the monsters look suitably weird and intimidating. At first, I wasn't sure whether they were some sort of burly froglike humanoid race, but the cards they live on explicitly state that each sort of anurid (barkripper, brushhopper, swarmsnapper, and so forth) is a beast.

Next week: a very convenient beast to have around. (Care to guess?)

Infant and Pregnancy Loss Remebrance Day

As I have shared the past few years, October 15th is designated as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Last year I shared some research on some statistics related to this and found the following...

-According to emedicine, the overall miscarriage rate is 15-20%. Some physicians believe this percentage may even be higher, as miscarriage can often occur before a woman even knows she is pregnant.

- Approximately 25,000 babies are stillborn each year in the United States, and according to the March of Dimes, about 19,000 babies die within the first month of life (called neonatal death).

- SIDS claims the lives of over 7000 babies each year nationally.
Many, many people are affected by miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss. And if you are one of those people I want you to know this: your child matters.

So, once again this year, I would like to do a few things tomorrow, on October 15th.

First, I would like to pray for you. If you are comfortable, please feel free to share as much of or as little of your story in a comment below. Also, I would like to invite those of you reading to pray for the people who have courageously shared their stories.

Secondly, as the http://www.october15th.com/ site has announced, you are invited to light a candle on October 15th at 7pm in your time zone to create a wave of light in remembrance of the child/children that you have lost, or in honor of someone else who has lost a child thought miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant death.

So, I will start...

My name is Stacy. In the fall of 2007, we lost baby #1 to a miscarriage due to triploidy discovered at 13 weeks. On October 7, 2008, we met our precious son Isaac at 8:33 am. He passed away due to complications from a series of congenital birth defects 16 minutes later. He is deeply, deeply missed and so incredibly loved. In April of this year, we lost baby #4 to a very early miscarriage.

Happy 4 months to you....

Dear Reagan,

Where did your 3rd month of life go? I have loved watching you grow and learn. You laughed last night on the eve of turning 4 months old. (Yes, I know you laughed for Pa pa Porter first, and giggled once of twice after that) But last night you let dad and I record a good little amount of laughing. Reagan your daddy adores you, to say the least. I love you so deeply. In two months you will be eating baby food and you could be sitting up. Both of which seem unbelievable. As much as I want you to stay little I have loved and am excited to see you grow up and get big. Be good. You have been such a good girl so far. I am so proud to call you my own. Keep laughing. Heavenly Father loves you.

love always, mom

Moving Day!!!

A little over a week ago we moved from...


5th time's a charm? Is that how the saying goes? In our two year marriage we have moved 5 times. So we are pretty much pros now! Our landlords treated us fantastically and they were great apartments. Really our only problems were first that they are smoke free apartments but the previous tenants smoked in it and no matter what we did we/our landlords did it was still stinky. Isaac and I didn't like the idea of Reagan crawling around in smokey smelling carpet. And secondly, very recently our upstairs neighbors recently decided to be noisy just above the nursery (which was not our favorite new feature of the place). So we looked around and found this little beauty (above). And for temporary living it is not so bad. We have really felt cozy. The two things I was really bummed about leaving were .....

The pretty baby blue baby girl's nursery....(that our landlords were so sweet to let us paint). Not very fun to part with.


Our very hot hot water, which, we happen to have pretty hot water here and just like at our old place we don't run out of quickly which is so nice!

P.s. A couple recent downers...

  • First a couple weeks ago Isaac lost in insulin kit for his diabetes which happens to cost a pretty penny so we have been anxiously been searching, calling, and waiting. First we called Buffalo Wild Wings which is for sure where we thought it was because it was on the side of the diaper bag when we walked in and we can't remember seeing it after that. So we called, they said they had nothing but they took his info and said they would call if anything turns up. He gets a message a week and a half later and they said they have his insulin...he goes down there and it is not his kit. Rough!
  • Then my sister in laws, mother in law and I go to Rexburg where my other sister in law lives for the day to work on car seat blanket covers. One thing leads to another and my car keys are locked in my car in the ignition and my brother in law is unable to break in (which I guess is a really good thing that it is not that easy to break in to). So instead of paying for a lock smith my sister in law says to take their van and we can bring it back in the morning with spare keys to break in. BUT.... when I get there it will not unlock with the keys in the ignition SO.... my brother in law has to fish a dooly looly in and pull the car keys out of the ignition so we can get into our own car.... AH is all I can say to that.
and one last AH
  • The other day I get a call saying "This is your last courtesy call to lower your interest rate to as low as 6% on your credit cards, blah blah blah." Isaac has been talking about needing to call and ask for them to lower our interest rate for a while...so me being the great wife that I am thought, I'll surprise my husband with a lower interest rate. Wahooo! So I pushed the button to talk to a "friendly associate" and a sweet little ole' gal gets on the line and starts walking me through the steps of how to get my lower interest rate, but first... I need to verify my info so I can prove that I am who I say I am. Ok, sure I'll rattle off my credit card number, expiration date of my card, last 4 of my social, because that seems like the smart thing to do right??? Oh you need my husband's last 4 of his social? Sure... but I don't know what it is yet, can I call him and have you call me back? "Oh sure ma'm, that sounds great.
- Me: Isaac, so you'll never guess what I'm doing...I'm lowering our interest rate with this lady who is going to lower our interest rate on the credit card with the highest interest rate, cool huh? I just need the last 4 digits of your social.
-Isaac: Uh, Al...who is she?
-Me: Um...Isaac...A credit lady that wants to help us....
-Isaac: So she is not from a specific credit card company?
-Me: Hmmmm I don't think so, she didn't say anything about being from a specific company....odd....suspicious.
-Isaac: I'd like to talk to her before giving her those numbers
-Me: good idea.

So very quickly this, chick, calls back. I say, my husband would like to talk to you before he gives you the last 4 of his social. She responds saying, "Oh sure ma'm I would love to." So I give her THOSE digits, and she calls back quickly and says "Ok I called him and got that information if you'd like to continue by giving me blah blah blah." I said, "Ok let me look that up, can you call me back?" Then she says "Sure ma'm." Call the husband and I say ok so she said you gave her the information... and he says, "Al, I did not give her that information." HOT DANG! Guess who doesn't get another call back!!!! So I quickly call and cancel that card and they make me a new account. Well I feel really dumb, but lesson learned.

wow what a few couple of weeks!

But my best friend has been here and it has been a pretty enjoyable time getting to bond with her!!!!
blast from the past pic but it needed to happen! we have been doing lots of bonding, birthday celebration, pintrest craft doin. And I still get to keep her for a couple of weeks. Woot woot. Plenty of fun to come.

done for the night, holy blog post batman! I was trying to make it light but I laid it on thick. Be back tomorrow most likely because the babes turns 4 months and we need to have a celebration

Isaac's 3rd Birthday in Pictures

{Leaving a pumpkin for Isaac}

{Eliana at Isaac's "special place"}

{Sending the picture she drew for Isaac "up in the sky" on balloons}

{Feeding the ducks with Dad at a park that was special to us during my pregnancy with Isaac}

{Eliana and I at the park}

orange troll

"Hoodlums!" And something I learned along the way

Theres many different instructional videos out there about process, technique, color and design. Something that I have never really experienced is people giving lessons on developing an actual workflow. Working full time as an artist, making time for personal work on top of drawing for 9 hours day becomes an overwhelming challenge. In order to complete a piece as detailed as this, it required me to come back to my computer night after night, working for just a couple hours at a time until it is finished. As many of you know, finishing pieces that take this many sittings is one of the hardest things to do. Here are a couple tips that I learned about my own personal workflow which may help some of you somewhere along the line.


Every piece of art has at least one false summit. Reaching these summits and pushing forward to the next stage is a crucial part of finishing a complex piece. Most pieces start as a sketch, some might say the most fun part of the piece. Once the sketch is complete, we have our first "false summit" en route to a fully rendered piece. It is very easy to stop work once we have a complete sketch. The product looks good, it portrays the information we wanted to get across, what else is needed? For some this is an OK stopping point. Every once in awhile we need to bring that sketch even more to life with color and rendering. This is where things get tricky.
After completing the sketch the next step is an under painting. Under painting is messy, rough, and undefined. The energetic finished look of the sketch almost always disappears under the underpainting, leaving us with somewhat of a mess that needs to be tidied up. This is the MOST crucial stage of the piece. In my own personal experience, every time I have stopped work on a piece during the stage of underpainting I have never returned to finish it.

Why is this?

The fun part of sketching is that we get satisfaction from seeing our ideas come to life quickly and easily. Starting a new sketch is far less daunting then starting out your drawing session rendering from a clutter of color and shape. When I have worked for 9 hours and I only have 2 hours to draw before bed, would I rather start a new sketch or hack away at something which I probably wont see anything exciting for a couple more days? I sketch, every time.

How to counteract this?

Never stop work with a mess, leave yourself with a visual puzzle to think about, something that looks good and sparks your interest. Never step away from the piece when it is in disrepair or else restarting will be way more difficult.

Set yourself up for success! Something I learned when I worked in the service industry. When getting ready to stop work for the evening, I am always sure to leave myself with something exciting to start out with for my next sitting. This eliminates the issue of needing to wait a couple hours to get an exciting return on your hard work. For example, when working on this piece, My stopping points were just before completion of each individual building. By leaving a small portion of rendering left on a building, it allowed me to start of my next drawing session with a large reward for a small amount of work, inspiring and motivating me quickly. I found that this elevated my level of productivity and accelerated my work speed every night.

By treating the piece as a serious of individual hurdles instead of a massive undertaking, the piece stays fun and exciting no matter how long it takes to complete.

Stopping Point

Hopefully this is helpful, thank you for stopping by my blog!

round 1 previews

I finished my giant fighters mini comic a week ago, I'll be putting it up online for sale soon. Here are some preview bits, hope everyone's having a successful autumn, whatever that means :)

Happy 3rd Birthday Isaac

It's not every day anymore that I think about the fact that we buried our son. Don't misunderstand... it's not that we don't think about him. We do. Daily. In one way or another, Isaac is mentioned in our home daily... often in the context of explaining to Eliana that soon she will have two brothers. It is so sweet to me that she recognizes Isaac's pictures, and when we remind her that Isaac is in Heaven, she replies, "With Jesus." What a gift that she knows that. Three years of after losing Isaac, most of our conversations surrounding him are filled with great joy and wonder as we marvel at the fact that Eliana seems to understand so much about who Isaac is in the tapestry of our family.
Yet every October 7th, the vivid reality of what we have experienced, and lost, resurfaces. The fact that we did bury our son; the fact that we did plan his funeral; the fact that the "natural" order of things feels completely altered and out of whack.
In the midst of it though, God has replaced our unanswered questions with a great sense of peace. And today, we celebrated Isaac's life as a family in ways that brought us great joy. This morning Spencer and I each wrote Isaac a letter and Eliana drew him a picture. We picked up some balloons and flowers (and Eliana wanted him to have a little pumpkin!) on our way to the cemetery. Once there, we let Ellie put the pumpkin down at Isaac's special place. We attached our letters and Eliana's picture to a few balloons and let them go. Eliana was fascinated by letting the balloons go "up in the sky for I-Kiss (Isaac)." It brought smiles to our faces to see her so interested in celebrating her big brother. Of course there were moments of tears... staring at your son's grave instead of his sweet face is never easy. But we know that we have been blessed by our son's sweet life, though way to short, and that his place in our family is not only something known to Spencer and I, but is something that Eliana is really seeming to understand as well. I am so thankful for that.
Sweet Isaac,

We miss you so much; but we know that you are in the most perfect of places. You have not been forgotten; your life and legacy continue to touch others... most especially your little sister. Please know that we think of you so often, and love you so much. I am so proud of you. Happy third birthday, sweet boy.



Animal Alphabet: YUZZ is for Yuzz-a-ma-Tuzz

This week's entry in the Animal Alphabet is a real rarity. I couldn't even find any footage of David Attenborough talking about it.

The Yuzz-a-ma-Tuzz is a large furred serpentine creature that dwells among mountain outcroppings and crags. I've had to type its name with a Y, but it's actually spelled with a yuzz.

I'm not sure how much farther in the alphabet I'll be able to get. I know that on October 17 I'm going to start a new alphabet with Ben and the rest of the gang, but this time the animals will be imaginary, not real. I'm not sure why Ben decided to schedule this new alphabet when there are still eighteen letters left to go.

beginning of halloween!

This is an owl giant monster thing, origi the creation of my partner's little sister. I want to put up her version, but I'll have to ask her first.