Spaghetti and Friendships

This weekend we were blessed to have many family and friends come to our spaghetti dinner fundraiser.  Of course, I was a nervous wreck that no one would show up and then what would we do?  Well, of course, God came through once again~ almost 300 people came! Chad and I both felt blessed beyond measure.  We never realized just how much support and prayers that our community had for us.

As for the updates, we are waiting...the yucky part!  We are so anxious to find out what date the judge has for us.  Knowing we will one day hold our baby boy in our arms is going to be worth the wait!

God bless~

ICE - Intro

ICE is a collaborative A-V project (work in progress), between Novi_sad + Isaac Niemand. Film footage has been recorded in the entire country. Sound source on this video was exclusively ''in-car recordings'', which have been manipulated and digitally treated. Film footage has been recorded all over Iceland. Headphones are highly recommended. ICE will be developed as a full length work with extreme dimensions and dynamics (film + audio, respectively), constructed upon sonic and optical material gathered in one of the most hostile environments on the planet.

King Skater Boss

I made a new blog for my pixel junk

still worth sharing....

this happened quite a while ago...
and I guess I got busy 
and forgot to post it.
it was too good not to post...

Anytime Isaac is around and he hears the babes make a peep
from her crib he runs to go get her.
one day when this happened, it was taking FOREVER.
after a bit I heard giggling....

and then....

 going in the books in making my top ten of
my favorite memories!

P.s A shout out, blog style, still needs to go out to Noelle Doman.
An amazing artist. Who just thinks to herself, 
"I know I have an art project due, why not make it AMAZING
and something my sister-in-law and her family could cherish forever."

I know right? 
I was thinking the same thing!

The Empty Tomb brings Hope Today!

Christ is Risen!
This week we celebrated Easter in Palestine. I was thinking about the empty tomb and what it means for our lives today. The story of the resurrection is one of those stories that never gets old. It is always fresh. It is always filled with exciting realities and new horizons.

Think about the women who came to the tomb that Sunday morning. They came with sorrow and pain. They wondered, "who will remove the stone?"

Think of Peter, who ran to the tomb with emotions of guilt and shame. He so desperately wanted a second chance. If only the story would unfold again so that he acts differently.

Think of the disciples on the road to Emmaus. They had feelings of disappointment and dispair.  "We had hoped that he was the one to redeem Israel."

Sorrow. Pain. Guilt. Shame. Disappointment. Dispair. These are not uncommon emotions - on individual and social level. These emotions may take hold of us and define our reality! These are the emotions of death. Just look at Judas the Iscariot.

These emotions are not strange to many of us here in Palestine/Israel, and Christians are not immune to the challenges of the conflict.

But these are the emotions of Friday! Sunday is here. This is the good news of the resurrection. It brings hope. Real hope. This is so radically different than "wishful" or "positive thinking". It is hope that does not depend rest on a political solution or peace negotiations. The resurrection of Christ begins a new era. It must define our reality. Death does not have the final word. Christ is Risen!

One more thing.
One of the realities we bring to the tomb is the reality of the enmity with God and man. But the resurrection brings peace as, again, we are born into a new reality. This Easter I attended the Palestinian Evangelical Churches' celebration of the resurrection in the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem. It was a beautiful day and the service was powerful. One of the special things about this particular anual service is the presence of Messianic believers celebrating with Palestinians. It is a visible sign and a reminder of the power of the empty tomb. We died with Christ as two; we rose as one, united in him. May this unity be actualized in our churches and ministries, just like it was in this service.

Easter service at the garden tomb.

Praise and Worship. 

Palestinian and Messianic Pastors breaking bread together. 

Quick Donut Boy


I've been away from this blog since halloween? That's crazy, not alright really. I'm a tumblist now too, which isn't helping.

So I've been working on a bunch of projects, some stuff I'm going to self publish and another thing that's being put out by Nobrow. One of the things I'm doing myself is a comic about a town full of prehistoric reptiles, some of which enter a skating competition called King Skater.

Solo Sunday

Sometimes the hubs has to work Sundays... 
Which is the stinkiest part of his job!
Sundays are days of worship and just plain ole' family days, not people shopping at TSA and making it so my husband has to work days...(am I right?)
So I get to take my little lady to church on my own.
It makes getting anything out of church, very difficult, as she fights napping on us.
But it is going and trying that matters right?

now, even though she acts like I have given her baby crack the minute we touch the threshold of the church building....

I am glad to have her!

shes a goof ball!

 ear print from Reagan (finally) taking a nap.

 having her boyfriend being there is helpful.

but let me introduce my lifesaver for the day.....
Grandma Olsen!

I have known her as long as I have lived. Well at least I knew of her until I was 8 
and then we moved here and was able to meet her. 
She is my mom's, best friend in the entire world growing up, Maria Olsen Nate's mom....
and we just happened to move into her ward several months ago.

she took little Reagan on a ride around the church for almost all of Relief Society 
so I could actually hear and enjoy the meeting.
I adore her

Klaustrid Air program, Iceland

My house for the next days of april.
The Gunnar Gunnarsson home at Skriduklaustur, Iceland.
Developing a project together with sound master Novi_sad.



I have been experiencing a bit of the writer's block recently, so I decided to hop in my trusty 1977 GMC Motorhome and get out of town for a few days. Somewhere nice and remote where I can write undisturbed by all those invitations to parties and offers of deep, rewarding friendship that don't actually happen but the prospects of which still distract me. I decided the perfect place was a tiny mountain town called Winthrop, and I would drive there first thing in the morning.

Here's how reality unfolded for me:

1. I drive from Seattle to my hometown of Mt Vernon where the RV is parked on a friend's lawn. I discover that the friend's lawn is extremely soft, and the RV is hopelessly mired in the mud lurking under the grass. I spend literally an hour rocking back and forth, wedging things under the tires, spewing mud into the air and tracking it all over my carpets until I'm finally able to find a shovel and dig little slopes behind the tires so I can escape the pits the tires have dug. (sorry, friend's yard...)

2. It's now around noon, but I'm finally on the road to Winthrop! Huzzah! Yet something is puzzling me. Every time I try to put my destination into my phone or GPS, it gives me an insane detour route that brings the trip length from 1 hour to 5 hours. Assuming the GPS is just buggin', I continue on my way. But no. I am a man and the GPS is a machine, and I must learn to submit to its superior wisdom. The major highway that leads through the mountains to Winthrop is CLOSED. Just...closed. Like closed-for-the-season closed. Like just-go-somewhere-else closed. Like fuck-you closed.

3. So...I guess I'm not going to Winthrop. Need to make a plan B. I head West. I had planned on a weekend embedded in the comforting embrace of the deep mountains, but instead I find myself on a ferry over the Puget Sound--the OPPOSITE of being in the mountains. I eventually make my way to Port Gamble, a tiny little blip of civilization in the middle of a lot of open highway. It'll do! I decide to stop there but...hmm...there is literally nowhere to stop. No hotels, no RV parks, not even a couple residential streets on which to park my ass. (which is what I usually do when RV traveling.) It's getting dark now.

4. I keep driving, hoping to have better luck in the next town. I drive 15 minutes to the next town. It has nothing. I turn around, hoping to look a little harder and maybe find a hidden parking spot, but mostly just needing something to eat. All I've eaten all day is approximately 18 crackers. I'm starving. I saw a BBQ restaurant in Port Gamble. I'll go there. I go there. I park in their gravel parking lot. I approach the entrance.

5. There's a hand-written sign on the window that says SOLD OUT.

6. I go in and approach a waitress.
7. "What does sold out mean?"
8. "It means we're sold out."
9. "Of what? Like, the special or something?"
10. "Of food. All the food."
11. "So...this restaurant just doesn't serve food anymore? At 8:00pm on a Friday night?"
12. "Correct."

13. I leave in a huff. I try to pull out of the gravel parking lot. There is soft mud under the gravel. I'm stuck.

15. A few furious minutes later I've managed to free myself from the quicksand parking lot, leaving two deep, squishy ravines running through it. That'll teach this restaurant to run out of the sole reason they exist.

16. Ok ok. I'll go back into the "downtown" area to that place I saw earlier called BISTRO BY NIGHT. It looked pretty hoppin' when I passed it 20 minutes ago--


18. Ok fuck you Port Gamble. I'm parking right here in the middle of your touristy little waterfront street. I will accept your ticket. I will ignore your sheriff's knock on my window. I will sit here and eat my 19th-35th cracker for dinner and write a gripping log of my travails. A travailogue, if you will.

19. personal record for most fails in a single day? It was all worth it.

life is oh so good.

besides my cute husband
and my little lady...

the things that are making me the happiest today are....
drumroll please....

-baby Phebs (Phoebe Allyson Fullmer, catchy I think) will be making her debut at the very latest in TWO DAYS.

 what will she look like...?

 Ainsley Isabella, such a beauty. With her blonde hair and sky blue eyes.

And Emerson Michele with plenty of dark brown hair and deep rich blue eyes.

she'll be another little beauty!

-my dear long lost bestie will be coming in a week and two days!

(the girl's coming too)

-beautiful cousin Rach made it through a tough day with a couple extra bucks to spare....

 Instead of being tossed in jail and having to be bailed out, she got out lucky and only had to pay a small (ish) fine, and got to pay for her car to be fixed instead.
she's not the hardened criminal we all thought she was after all.

-even though this was yesterday, it is still on my mind... Cocoa Bean came up
with the most brilliant idea. They thought to themselves, "Our cupcakes
basically rock...why not add ice cream...Reeds Dairy ice cream..."
What are these people trying to do to me? I am trying to be so good
and they are making it mostly difficult.
Let's just say they are NOT shy on the cupcake portions.

last but not least... we ordered Domino's medium take out pizza for the low price of 5.95 plus tax.
oh but wait, we paid $0 plus tax.
I ordered the pizza while Isaac was on his way, they said it would be ready in 15 minutes.
It took them 5 minutes extra so they insisted on giving it to us "FOR FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

ok...only if you insist.


first we stopped by the porters for them (granny) to see her 
in her Easter dress.
(we also had a Porter Easter dinner [made by the rockstar Lucy] Monday night when Papa Porter was no longer on call, 
so he didn't have to rush and have dinner)
unfortunately...I did not take pictures of that event. G and G Davis were there for the fun.
We got to hear a story about our double Great Great (maybe another great...)  Grandfather...yes, I said double,
because he is both of my parents Great (maybe another great...) Grandfather.
it's legal.
It was neat to hear about what a great man he was.

 i get to keep them

  Egg Hunts

 Grandma planted jelly beans then watered them with the kidos, for them to come back later and find that suckers had grown. Reagan thought that sounded good to her!


 Easter basket for little one that will never know the difference. cute is she?

Finger Prints & Shopping

Chad and I went for our finger prints in Cincinnait this week.  Being that we were on spring break, and he had taken the day off, we were able to get some things together for our travel.  Of course, we weren't able to get all of the items in one day, but we certainly got a jump start!  

Later on in the week my middle sister and I went shopping for Isaac's room.  The girls and I had a lot of fun picking out boy stuff for once.  Who knew that boy stuff could be so much fun, after all, we only have pink and purple things...mainly being high heels, baby dolls, and dress up clothes!  Following the shopping spree my oldest sister arrived ready to paint his name to hang above his dresser.  Let the fun begin. :)  


Dear Photojojo Company,

I recently placed an order through your website,, for a macro lens attachment for my iPhone 4S. I received the package in the mail today, and was pleasantly surprised to find that, along with the lens that I purchased, you also included a small plastic dinosaur.

However, Photojojo, there is a problem with my order.

I am very much enjoying the macro lens attachment. It works exactly as advertised, allowing me to take very close-up photos of the objects that surround me in my daily life. Blades of grass, apple seeds, dead insects, fingernails, toenails, teeth, bits of discarded food, cola cans, rusty office staples, puddles of congealed fluid—any object, really. The photo attached above—a photo of a small plastic dinosaur lying on its side—was taken using this lens, and I am pleased with the results.

What I am not pleased with is the plastic dinosaur itself.

As you can see in the photo, the plastic dinosaur is lying on its side. This was the only position in which I was able to photograph it, because this is the only position in which it can be placed. To put it simply, Photojojo, the plastic dinosaur does not stand upright on its plastic feet. To put it even more simply, it falls over. To put it in the simplest way possible, it is defective, and I would like a full refund for my entire order.

I am not a lunatic, Photojojo. I understand that the plastic dinosaur was not part of my original purchase and was thrown in simply as a whimsical gesture because you are a whimsical company staffed by twee, frivolous, whimsical people. However, by including it in the package with the rest of my order, you have implicitly designated it a Photojojo product, an unlisted peripheral component of my order, shall we say—and as such, it remains a representative of your company and its quality standards.

Need I repeat, Photojojo, that the plastic dinosaur falls over?

How am I to trust the quality standards of your photography products after this fiasco with the plastic dinosaur? Will the macro lens attachment burn a hole through my iPhone 4S next time the sun comes out? Will it even take good photos? So far I have only tested it on the plastic dinosaur you provided, and the results were satisfactory, but will it fare as well on other small objects, such as denim fibers, Durex condom wrappers, or pools of bacon grease? How can I entrust the capture of my precious experiences—the birth of my first child! My child’s first steps! A UFO sighting! My child’s first erection! Aurora Borealis!—to a lens attachment made by the same company that makes plastic dinosaurs that fall over?

I anticipate no resistance to my request for a refund. But please be aware that as a matter of principle I will be leaving a negative epinion on regardless of your response.


Isaac Marion

Alphabeasts: Z is for Zarbi

This is going to be my last Alphabeasts post. It's hard not to be a little wistful about the passing of this project. It drew a lot more artists to make a lot more art than the organizers could have imagined, and personally I think my cartooning has improved a lot over the last six months, at least within the idiom I've been working in.

If you'd like to see all of my Alphabeasts posts in one place, you can click on the tag, of course, but if you'd like to see all my drawings without the accompanying text, you can also trace back through the alphabet here behind this link.

(While you're looking over there, consider checking out the full string of D&D creatures drawn by Ben Towle, the wacky yokai by Leah Palmer Preiss, the mega-fun kaiju by Joey Weiser, the spontaneous watercolors of Lupi McGinty and the crazy inventions of her daughter AZ, Caitlin Lehman's fun and stylish drawings, the often-hilarious cartoons of Henry Eudy, and the energetic and stylish digital sketches of Andrew Neal, the guy who deserves enormous credit for managing the whole big project. Those are some terrific sets of images by some of the people I've been really happy to meet over the course of this project.)

Anyway, about the zarbi.

You might be wondering how I made it this far into my alphabet without using Dr. Who. I don't really know a lot of Dr. Who lore—I'm much more a Star Trek nerd than a Dr. Who nerd—but my impression is that most of the alien menaces on Dr. Who are, though weird looking, pretty sentient, and my original parameters for the project therefore excluded things like daleks and cybermen. Also, once I started doing my research, half a year ago, I found this:

The zarbi are officially a race of insectoid alien monsters, but to me they sure look like some dude wearing a gigantic ant body over normal pants and shoes.

This is what people are talking about, clearly, when they say that the special effects on the old Dr. Who were not all that great. The zarbi appeared in the second series of Dr. Who, in 1965. Maybe I shouldn't be too critical. I've never seen those early episodes, and I know that Star Trek wasn't doing a whole lot better four years later.

Anyway, that's it for me on this project. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be on board for the next alphabet, which is supposed to be illustrations of characters from books. I might be able to scrounge up a few blog posts between now and the next letter A, but to tell you the truth I'll probably need the time for grading or sleeping.