Another Aleatory Comic

Here's another of those comics made more or less at random. I'll explain more about these as more of them get summoned up.

If you have thoughts, I welcome them.


I had a t-shirt and jacket...Very nice warm weather in Fredericton!!!!

Until this!!!

George Piers tenure as Executive Director of Fredericton Community Kitchen comes to an End!!!


The new Executive Director is Aimee -


Sad to see him go but he will still be seen at the Farmer's Market selling his chickens and eggs.

Hard to believe but it will be 10 years ago this summer that I first met George.


Time sure flies by.....

Here's some videos from today -



Thank God it wasn't -30 in Fredericton....


I waited in that area for 3 hours...grrrr...

The new man in my life

I mean really???^^^^^^

Dearest Emmett

I didn't know I still had so much love to give. I ever.

You poop... frequently...and we all know immediately when you have...
You grunt loudly. And often.
You have looked like a little man from day one.

Your sister adores you. This bond, the two of you share, will only grow stronger with time.
And as much as I would love for your growing to slow WAY down, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I am a little excited to see you a little older and be able to watch you two interact.
That will help this mom come to terms with the whole growing up idea.

I have a hard time laying you down at night. I just sit by you and watch you for a while. I'm not use to us having so much distance in between us.

Son, I have known since you were still in my belly that you were going to be a peacemaker. I'm expecting that you will have your sassy moments. But in our family I know that your sweet spirit is going to bring peace to our home. 
I also am planning on your sister doing most of the talking in your behalf. It's okay to have your own voice too. I am anxious to see your personality. 
But I could live in this teeny tiny stage of your life for almost always.

love always,
your mom 

remember this...

I sure do.

Seems so long ago.

How time flies at the Justice Building in Fredericton eh???

This was taken on March 6, 2007


and this was taken today


Beth Wallace was the one who was shot by Benjamin Nason at Lincoln Heights!!!


I was told the area is a classy neighborhood???? So what happened? Does anyone out there know the history??

Racist member of the Fredericton Police Force ruins image of once Proud Police Protocol!!!

This must be one of the 5% of the good Cops? Good Cop always wear their hats!!!


This must be one of the 95% of the racist Cops? Ignorant Quebecois Cop never wear their hat!!!


Me and my little loves, thanks Kylee!

 Emmett Homer Doman

Emmett and Kruze. Best of friends, and they don't even know it.

 Isaac and I were thinking this picture was so sweet ^^^^^ until...

 until we saw this picture^^^^ and realized she was looking at the chocolate...


These cuties in their Christmas Dresses